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Naked me | Grizo & Prasino

Naked me | Grizo & Prasino

Grizo & Prasino

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30gr - We believe that a herbal bath is liquid wisdom.
Relax, feel present. No clothes, no worries. You & your wonderful self.

The herbs we have chosen for the "naked me" herbal bath are beneficial for your skin, spirit and soul.

Wild rose, wormwood, nettle, sage, centaury, siderite and calendula.

We have created for you an experience of the senses, turning a botanical blend into the perfect way to end a tiring day.

naked me is a 100% natural product, made from organic herbs and absolutely nothing artificial.

Fill the pouch you will find inside the package with herbs and follow the instructions by scanning the qrcode on the label.

At the end of the bath - with the herbs still in the bag - you can rub your skin with this to perfume it and do a light exfoliation.

Attention attention! If there is no bathtub, there is always the idea of ​​a luxurious foot bath.

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