Placing an order at www.theritualproject.gr can only be done by final consumers who, according to Greek law, have full legal capacity, i.e. if they have completed the eighteenth (18) year of their age and there is no case of limitation of this capacity, in terms of drawing up sales contracts. Orders on behalf of legally incompetent persons may be made by their legal representatives, in accordance with the law. Orders can also be placed by legal entities (end consumers), through their legal representatives.

The company ensures, through its website and/or via email, the pre-contractual, i.e. before the completion of the order, complete, accurate and clear information to the consumer, for the following, as defined in article 3 para. B of the Code of Consumer Ethics for Electronic Commerce (YA 31619ok/15-3-2017, Official Gazette B ́969/2017) namely:
-Full company name, registered office, postal address, VAT number, contact numbers/e-mail address.
- Registration number in GEMI.
- Main characteristics of the products it sells and the quality of the services provided (e.g. the total price including VAT or other taxes, the shipping costs, or any costs of returning the product, any additional charges, the method of delivery, the validity period of the offer or the price, terms and methods of payment, guarantees, size-dimensions of the product), as well as for the means of payment.
-Availability of services and products and the deadline within which the supplier undertakes to deliver the goods or provide the services.
-Characteristics of charges, possible discount packages or special offers.
-Terms of withdrawal from the contract as well as termination or cancellation of the contract.
-The possibility of out-of-court resolution of their disputes and information about the recognized bodies of alternative resolution of consumer disputes, which the suppliers are bound or obliged to use for the resolution of the disputes. In the absence of such a commitment or obligation, the suppliers must specify whether they will make use of the relevant bodies.
- The option for electronic alternative dispute resolution.
-The codes of conduct or any credibility marks that bind them.
- The above information to the consumer must be comprehensible, legal, true, up-to-date, easily accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities, and verifiable and must be made in the Greek language and optionally in another language.

The product sales contract between www.theritualproject.gr and of the consumer from the online store, constitutes a contract distance selling and is drawn up following the submission of an order by the consumer, which is mutually accepted as an offer to purchase the products referred to in the order and acceptance of this order by the company by sending a relevant electronic letter to the consumer. The company is entitled to accept or refuse to accept an order, without being obliged to justify its refusal and without any liability towards the consumer or third parties. In case the company does not confirm, as above, the acceptance of the order within three (3) working days, it will be considered that it has rejected it. In order to submit a valid order, it is necessary to provide all the necessary information for the conclusion of the sales contract, the unconditional acceptance of all the terms of the sales contract, regarding with the products sold, the price, transportation costs, the method, time and place of delivery of the products sold and the unconditional acceptance of these terms of use, which are an integral part of the contract being drawn up.