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Raise Harmony | Lotus & Amber

Raise Harmony | Lotus & Amber


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300ml-50 hours | fabric

CHOE candles are inspired by ancient Greek culture. Using natural materials such as wood, fabric, glass and bronze, the brand creates candles in many designs that reflect the four seasons and are always characterized by harmony. The fragrances are inspired by the nature of the Mediterranean, herbs, fruits and flowers, while the candles are handmade and always with the highest quality materials.

Made from 100% pure Greek beeswax they provide a healthy and aromatic atmosphere. burn brightly,  they purify the atmosphere of a room through anti-bacterial elements by emitting negative ions that neutralize the positive charge of dust, dirt & pollutants in the air. Beeswax, due to the interaction of bees with a variety of flowers and nectar, carries a unique natural aroma. This, combined with the special scents added in our process, creates unexpected and unique candle scents.

Lotus & Amber

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