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Evening Rituals Meditation Box

Evening Rituals Meditation Box


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It has been carefully designed to help you create a peaceful oasis every night. Aromas and meditations have been carefully curated and combined to enhance the entire experience. Disconnect from your daily obligations and switch to an evening of peace, reflection and joy.

With five different types of meditation inside, you'll be able to experiment and find out what works best for you.

The meditations last about 10 minutes and the whole experience is designed to be most impactful for busy schedules.

It is modern incense, so we encourage you to leave past experiences out of this incense relationship and start fresh!

It includes all the elements you might need to create your own ritual:

- 30 incense sticks of 5 different modern fragrances (natural essential oils)

- 5 meditations of different types by expert instructors (in English, about 10 minutes each)

- handmade incense holder

- guidance booklet

- incense base

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