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Calm + Balance | Bath Soak

Calm + Balance | Bath Soak

Alchemia Soaps

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250ml - A 100% natural Ritual Bath Soak that will elevate your everyday life. A luxurious Ayurvedic blend of soothing epsom salts, Himalayan crystal salt and moisturizing oils infused with essential oils to transform your mood from anxiety to serenity. Bathing for us is a form of therapy. Immersing the body in the water helps calm the mind, soothe the skin, improve lymphatic drainage, relieve muscle pain and induce a good night's sleep. A daily bath, where you take a moment to unwind from your day, can be a deeply healing ritual to upgrade your daily routine.

The perfect gift of self-care to yourself and others, our exquisite healing bath salts are housed in a reusable steel container to better preserve its integrity and be cherished forever.

Allow yourself at least 20 minutes to really absorb it all.

Components :
- Epsom salts & Himalayan salts
- Healing Clay
- Hibiscus tea
- Coconut oil
- Calming Essential Oils

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