Skin Care is Self Care

Skin Care is Self Care

How to stop getting "bored" of your daily facial care.

  1. Organize your spaces.

Whether you start and finish your skincare routine in the bathroom or use another spot in your home, make sure this space appeals to you and inspires you. Get a box or basket where you will place all the cleaning products, such as:

  • Liquid makeup remover for face and eyes.
  • Make-up removal trays.
  • Wide hair band.
  • Cleaning soap, suitable for your own skin type.
  • A scrub that you will use 1-2 times a week.
  • Face mask suitable for your skin type.
  • Disposable cloths for drying your face.

In the area where you will continue and complete your grooming routine, make sure you have:

  • A large mirror and good lighting so you can see the details of your skin well.
  • A second basket, in which you can place all the necessary products in order.
  • Hand cleaning and disinfection wipes.

Extra Tip: Everything becomes more pleasant when the right atmosphere is created. Light your favorite scented candle and put on a relaxing playlist. We have chosen our own favorite music for our daily care, which you will find here

2.Choose the right products for your facial care.

Depending on your skin type, age and individual needs, you will choose the products with the appropriate composition. But in general, you will need:

Think of them as supplements - these thin liquids deliver an extra dose of nutrients, helping the rest of your routine to absorb better, while balancing the skin. They are applied to dry and clean skin, before any other product.

Simply put, facial serums are the skin's strong allies. These are concentrated doses of active ingredients that can improve any problem facing your skin, from oiliness, acne and blackheads, to dryness and signs of ageing. But even if you don't have any specific problems, an antioxidant facial serum can improve the appearance of your skin and give it a healthy glow.

The quintessence of skin care! Proper hydration of the skin is first felt and then seen. Moisturizers help prevent moisture loss from the outer layers of the skin. As the skin loses its ability to retain moisture over time, external hydration should start from an early age, always with the right products. All skin types - even oily - need hydration. The products are the ones that change, depending on the needs.

Why choose a separate eye cream? The answer is simple. The skin of the eyes is separate from the skin of the rest of the face. The thin and sensitive skin of your eyes can show reactions to the products you use on the rest of your face. But it also needs hydration, care and the right ingredients to keep it beautiful, young and shiny.

  • Sun protection

Last but not least comes the sun protection. Of course, this time we are only referring to the morning care routine and of course sun protection is necessary not only on sunny days when we leave the house, but every day even if we don't take off our pajamas at all.

This from us! Stay tuned, because there are more articles to come with tips, not only for taking care of your skin, but for improving your everyday life in general.

The Ritual Project  Team!

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