It's time for a.. Bath

It's time for a.. Bath

Most of the days of your life, we don't manage to find the time for a relaxing bubble bath.. Unlike the simple douche, soaking in hot water gives us a lot more. 

3 main reasons we NEED 1 bubble bath a week:

  1. Emotional & Mental Health

In addition to relaxing the muscles & activating the nervous system, studies have shown that warm water resulted in less feeling of fatigue, stress and depression. 

     2. Feeling of Isolation

We love our children..! But..a relaxing bubble bath is what you need to isolate yourself for that magical half hour & gather strength. Half an hour of absolute solitude.

     3. Sleep Quality

Our good mood, energy, clarity & the health of our skin have as a basic condition the good quality of our sleep. 

Ways to make it even more enjoyable:

  • Lock the bathroom door (if you have this option *return to no.2)
  • Dim the lighting & throw in some flowers or herbs in your bathtub
  • Turn it on one or more candles & let their smell take you on a journey
  • He added bath salts that help with wellness by providing valuable minerals & trace elements
  • Put on your favorite music & close your eyes
  • Apply one face mask or hair for as long as you relax
  • As soon as you go out take care of your skin with a cream or one body oil
  • And last & most important. Get closer to your true, real self. Listen to your feelings, see yourself without the external defenses.

So enjoy!

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